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Get Your Fall Cleanup Done Faster With These Tips

Updated: Oct 15, 2022


With the busyness of the season, simplification is key. Tackling outdoor cleanup doesn’t have to be stressful and time consuming. A few tips can help you maximize your time and efforts with a lot of your outdoor projects.


Sharpen Tools

  • This is a simple yet strategic tip. Pruning and trimming back old branches, bushes, and shrubs is much easier with sharpened tools. It also makes for cleaner cuts which help plants to heal faster. Cleaning and ridding tools of dirt and rust will also be helpful in keeping everything working efficiently.

Use a Tarp

  • Tarps can be quite useful with leaf collection and other yard cleanup. It allows for easy hauling of debris.

Use a Bucket

  • Keeping a bucket by your side while weeding and light trimming can make a big difference. It holds a lot of debris but will be light enough that you can carry it with you as you go. When finished, dumping materials is a breeze.

Leave Some Leaves

  • It’s a common misconception that all leaves in a yard should be blown out or bagged up. Leaves provide a great natural way to deliver nutrients to your garden and lawn. Fallen leaves can be used in compost piles or mowed over and left as small pieces on your lawn.

Leave Some Flowers

  • Annuals should be removed from flower beds, but heads left on some perennials like sunflowers or coneflowers can be left intact to offer a snack to birds when food is harder to find. Leftover debris can also provide pivotal habitats for insects during the harsh winter months. Many of these bugs will do important jobs like pest control once the spring season comes back around.


The harvest season can easily feel overwhelming. But, surprisingly, a lot of cleanup projects don’t have to be time consuming and stressful. A few simple tips and tricks can keep you efficiently moving through your fall cleanup to do list.

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