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3 Home Improvement Projects for Fall


It’s Fall, and your home is calling. This season is a great time to tackle some around the house projects that will improve your space and get you ready for weather changes ahead.


Seal Windows

  • Cracks found along window seals and door panes should not be ignored. These areas need to be properly sealed to keep out moisture, avoid drafts, and prevent water damage.

  • Also repair and replace weather stripping around doors and windows.

Fix Leaks

  • Look under sinks for signs of leaks including cracked or warped flooring. Check for condensation or corrosion up around pipes. Replace rubber pipes with steel-braided lines for added security.

  • If there is a faucet leak check the washers and gaskets and replace if necessary. If there is a continued problem, then the whole faucet may need to be replaced.

  • Washing machines are one of the biggest culprits for water damage because hoses are always running. Check all hoses for any signs of breakage or leaks. Replace rubber hoses with steel-braided ones for added protection.

Gutter Cleanup

  • Gutters should be cleared of all dirt, leaves, and other debris. During heavy rain gutters help to move water smoothly and swiftly away from your roof and home. If they are clogged, then water has nowhere to go.

  • Check for any leaks, holes, loose gutter spikes, or other signs of damage. Make repairs where needed.

  • Check downspouts for proper drainage. Look for any clogs or damages. Check that water is being diverted away from the home by at least 4-5 feet. Add a downspout extender or splash block if needed.

  • Pools of water along the exterior of the home can lead to foundation issues. Check for any signs of water buildup and take proper steps to drain water away from the area.


Fall is a great time to do some sprucing up and maintenance work in preparation for the cooler winter to come. Adding some prevention and cleanup projects to your fall routines can make a big difference.

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