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5 Things to Declutter This Fall


Fall is a great time to declutter. With cooler temps and the Holiday season quickly approaching, organizing and tidying up can make a big difference in the way we feel inside our homes. Take a look at our list to get you started.


Plants & Garden Tools

  • With fall and the harvest wrapping up, it’s a great time to pull all dead plants and debris.

  • Go through garden and landscaping tools cleaning, repairing, donating, or discarding as needed.

  • With irrigation turning off, it’s a great time to get in the yard and prep for possible cold weather storms. Start by trimming any tree limbs that are low hanging, close to power lines, or hitting your roof. Storms that bring heavy snow and ice can cause damage to roofs and other exterior parts of the home risking possible water damage or other destruction.

  • Look at sewage and piping lines around your property. Check for tree and plant root growth that may have caused damages. Look over any exposed pipes for wear and tear. If there is heavy damage, replace as soon as possible.

Outdoor Furniture

  • Once temperatures drop, it’s time to bring in any outdoor furniture to prevent wear and tear from harsh winter conditions. Be sure to clean and make repairs before furniture is stored. Get rid of any broken or worn-out items that aren’t worth keeping.


  • Your garage may have been a busy place during the summer months with beach and pool toys scattered and garden and landscaping tools out and accessible. Take time to reorganize all the gear and clean and repair tools. Donate any items that may no longer be working or needed.

Summer Gear

  • Grab those beach and pool bags and do a deep clean. Discard outdated sunscreen, broken googles, deflated toys, etc. and store the rest for the next season.

  • Be sure all towels are taken out and washed. If your towels are ready for a refresh, donate your old towels and replace.

  • Store summer items in a covered bin to keep dust and dirt away during the off-season.

Clothes & Coats

  • When temperatures officially cool down, go through summer clothing and shoes to clean, repair, store, or donate items.

  • Collect your cold weather accessories and organize them into easy to access bins and closets. Get rid of any items that are outgrown, worn, or no longer needed. Take note of new items you may need to purchase for the new season.


Organizing and tidying brings joy and refreshment to any space. With a Fall decluttering, your home will have a fresh start for the season ahead.

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