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Fall Indoor Home Maintenance

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

Fall is almost here! Seasonal changes are a great time to work on some annual home maintenance. Regular home maintenance is an important part of preventing possible damages. Here's a list of some basic indoor home maintenance to-do’s you can tackle in no time at all.


Check for Water Damage

  • Look under sinks for signs of leaks including cracked or warped flooring. Check for condensation or corrosion up around pipes. Replace rubber pipes with steel-braided lines for added security.

  • If there is a faucet leak, check the washers and gaskets and replace if necessary. If there is a continued problem, then the whole faucet may need to be replaced.

  • Check toilets for leaks, a lose tank, running water, and proper operation.

  • Washing machines are one of the biggest culprits for water damage because hoses are always running. Check all water hoses in bathrooms and in the laundry room for signs of cracks, bulges, or other damage. Any damaged lines should be replaced immediately. Consider replacing rubber hoses with steel-braided ones for added protection against possible leaks and flooding.

  • Ceilings in every room should be checked for any signs of staining or sagging. This can be an indicator of possible water damage.

  • Check under the dishwasher for any signs of wetness.

  • Check the attic for any signs of leaks or water damage.

Check the Garbage Disposal

  • Look under the sink for any signs of leaks. Water may seep into cabinets and flooring and will often smell foul. Repairs should be done immediately to avoid mold growth.

  • Check window seals. Having proper seals on windows and doors can bring added protection against water damage and leaking hot or cold air.

  • Check around windows and doors for signs of damage. Re-caulk seals where needed.

  • Other window repairs may include checking screens for signs of damage and replacing weather stripping.

Replace Fire Alarm Batteries

  • Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors should be checked annually, and batteries changed twice a year. Fall is a great time to do an inspection and be sure they are in working order. If repair or replacement is needed, do so immediately.


A little home maintenance can go a long way in preventing possible disasters and damages.

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