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Add a Leak Check to Your Spring-Cleaning Checklist

Updated: May 11, 2022


Even a small leak can cause a big problem. Spring cleaning is the perfect time to do a quick leak check around your home. Doing so will help you to avoid those potential problems down the road from unwanted mold, or other water damage from leaks.



  • All cabinets under sinks should be checked for signs of leaks including cracked or warped flooring. Be sure to also check for condensation or corrosion up around pipes. Replace rubber pipes with steel-braided lines for added security. If sink leaks are left unchecked mold can easily become your next problem.


  • A leaky faucet may not seem like a big deal but ignoring it can mean water waste and future damage. Washers and gaskets should be checked and replaced if necessary. In some circumstances the entire faucet may need to be replaced.


  • Toilets are the most common culprit for water leaks. A toilet left running can waste up to 200 gallons of water a day! It’s important to check for leaks frequently and get professional help if you’re having trouble identifying or fixing the leak on your own.

Garbage Disposal

  • This kitchen tool works hard to do the dirty work, and after years of tough jobs it can wear out and start to leak. These leaks will often smell foul. Water from the leak that saturates into wood cabinets can cause mold growth, so fixing it quickly is important.

Window and Door Seals

  • Having proper seals on windows and doors can bring added protection against water damage and leaking hot or cold air.

  • Check around windows and doors for signs of damage. Re-caulk seals where needed.

Supply Lines

  • Be sure to check under dishwashers and washing machines for any signs of water leaks or damage. Signs may include warped flooring, or any kind of discoloration on walls or cabinets.

  • Washing machines are one of the biggest and most expensive culprits of water damage because hoses are always running. Check all water hoses in bathrooms and in the laundry room for signs of cracks, bulges, or other damage. Any damaged lines should be replaced immediately. Consider replacing rubber hoses with steel-braided ones for added protection against possible leaks and flooding. It is also recommended to turn off water supply to the machine if you will be away from your home for an extended time.


While you’re cleaning all the nooks and crannies this spring, take an extra moment to do leak checks. This type of maintenance can mean big savings down the road. Leaks may seem small, but they can quickly become bigger water damage problems.

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