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3 Spring Cleaning Spots Commonly Missed


Spring cleaning is no small task. With so much work to do, it’s easy to forget a few spots. We’ve got three spring cleaning to-dos that you should consider adding to your list.



  • It’s no secret that blinds are one of the biggest keepers of dust. This dust can make them look dirty and every time you open the blinds, the dust gets pushed back into the air.

  • Use a damp cloth or duster to dust both sides of the blinds. Be sure to remove any dust buildup or cobwebs that may be lingering in corners as well.


  • Our dishwashers work tirelessly day and night and often get forgotten when it comes to cleaning. Start by removing the filter, grate, and sprayer and submersing them in hot soapy water and a cup of vinegar. Then clean and scrub the bottom of the dishwasher to remove food or other residue. Lastly, put dishwasher parts back in and run an empty hot water wash cycle.

Tops of Cabinets

  • Dust is notorious for settling in hard-to-reach places and the top of your cabinets are sure to be covered. You will most likely need a ladder and should proceed with caution when cleaning. Use a damp microfiber cloth to scrub the area. Soapy water or a multi-surface cleaner will both work.


Your home will thank you for cleaning those areas often forgotten. Getting rid of dust that often collects in hard to reach or forgotten places will be a great benefit to the air quality in your home and leave your home feeling refreshed and renewed.

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