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3 Outdoor Spring-Cleaning Projects to Do This Weekend


It’s time to get outside! With lovely spring weather ahead of us, it’s the perfect time to push some of the spring-cleaning energy to some outdoor projects.


Yard and Flower Bed Prep

  • The winter months leave leaves and other debris behind. Yards and flower beds will need to be cleaned out and trimmed up to look their best.

  • It’s also a good time to start checking out your irrigation system. Be sure to check outdoor faucets for leaks and check hoses for possible cracks or bulging. Repair and replace as needed to ensure your sprinklers will be functioning effectively and efficiently.

Gutter Clean Out

  • Gutters have the important job of whisking water away from our homes. It’s important that they are running efficiently in order to properly do their job.

  • Clear away all twigs, leaves, branches, and other debris. Check for any leaks, holes, loose gutter spikes, or other signs of damage and make repairs where needed.

  • Check downspouts for proper drainage and look for any clogs or damages. Check that water is being diverted away from the home by at least 4-5 feet. Add a downspout, extender, or splash block if needed.

Tree & Brush Trim

  • Trees, shrubs, and bushes should be trimmed so growth is away from your home and power lines. Limbs, branches, and roots too close to a home can cause future structural damage to roofs, gutters, foundations, and siding. When planting new trees and shrubs it’s important to consider placement carefully. Be sure to account for future growth of the plants.

  • Do a perimeter walk around your property to check for tree and plant root growth that may be affecting piping and sewage lines. Look over any exposed pipes for wear and tear. If there is heavy damage, replace as soon as possible.


With the weather outside warming up, it’s a perfect time of year to head outside and put in some work so that our yards look as clean and refreshed as the inside of our homes.

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