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3 Fall Yard Projects to Tackle this Weekend

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

Life can get a little busy! We know how quickly your schedule can fill up. All those household to-dos can start to feel overwhelming or even be moved to the back burner. We are here to offer a little motivation with 3 fall yard projects that can easily be tackled in just one weekend.


Yard Cleanup

  • With irrigation turning off, it’s a great time to get in the yard and prep for possible cold weather storms. Start by trimming any tree limbs that are low hanging, close to power lines, or hitting your roof. Storms that bring heavy snow and ice can cause damage to roofs and other exterior parts of the home risking possible water damage or other destruction.

  • Look at sewage and piping lines around your property. Check for tree and plant root growth that may have caused damages. Look over any exposed pipes for wear and tear. If there is heavy damage, replace as soon as possible.

Gutter Check

  • Gutters should really be checked and cleared twice a year. Be sure to clean out all twigs, leaves, branches, and other debris. Check for any leaks, holes, loose gutter spikes, or other signs of damage. Make repairs where needed.

  • Having properly functioning downspouts is important, especially with heavy rainfall from storms. Check downspouts for proper drainage. Look for any clogs or damages. Check that water is being diverted away from the home by at least 4-5 feet. Add a downspout extended or splash block if needed.

Pipe & Hose Check

  • Once irrigation is turned off for the year, it’s important to drain your irrigation system to avoid water damage from freezing temperatures.

  • Also drain all garden hoses and disconnect them from faucets.

  • Water valves to exterior pipes should be turned off as an extra precaution against water drips.

  • If you are anticipating a cold winter, wrapping exterior pipes with heating tape can help save energy and protect them from freezing.


Your weekend doesn’t have to be taken over with big projects. Just a few hours of time can reap big rewards when it comes to home maintenance.

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